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Your Unstoppable Rise: Deep Dive Live

Monday October 24th - Wednesday 26th

12-2 pm/C 

1-3 pm/E

Master the three Stages of an Amazing & Fulfilling Life:




You must discover who you are—Your Identity.

Where you place your identity propels you to the destination of your thoughts.

You must identify yourself before you can identify your goals.

Knowing who you are before making plans allows you to create a clean, clear, & concise strategy to reach the place of purpose & destiny.

"But where do I start?"

  • What do you see that moves you?

  • What don't you see that you wish you did?

  • What do you think, or say to others with great passion?

Make your goals an outward, simple, & straight forward image of who you are on the inside!

How does this happen? Identify your personal values!

Begin to:

Think less, discern & act more

Always be learning, & unafraid of the failure's consequences

Be in control always, and true to yourself

Every path to success starts with a vision, it's what gives you direction. It is the reason for working as hard as you do. To help give you a clearer vision, we will work on


  • Identifying past limitations & the root causes

  • Knowing how to move past limitations & their effects

  • Developing an unlimited mindset that creates an unlimited life!


Deep Dive Live Rise

Three Stages of an Amazing & Fulfilling Life



  • Learn how to look at the fruits of your life and how to:

    • Identify past limitations & the root causes

    • Remove past limitations & their effects

    • Develop an unlimited mindset & live an unlimited life!



  • The proven difference between winners & losers and how to get results of winners such as:

    • The secret strategies that cause others to recognize greatness in you

    • The principle, power & results of positive expectation



  • Develop the mental fortitude to handle adversity and failure. This will:

    • Keep you strong, fueled with determination and focus during challenging times.

    • Help keep your emotions in check

    • Refuse to run from adversity

"All forces are already unstoppable"

Increased Confidence Capacity—Equals Identity Capacity—Enables Life Capacity—Determines Living Capacity. 

To become a force is to become unlimited, unstoppable, with results undeniable. 
Take the plunge into the next level.
The deeper you dive, the higher you rise.
I'm Ready to Take the Plunge 

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  • Early Bird

  • Deep Dive Workshop

  • Early Bird 3 x Pay

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  • Deep Dive 3 x Pay

    Every week
    Valid for 2 weeks

Time to Rise: Deep Dive Workshop

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