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Reserve Your Seat Now FREE


2 Day Event

Reserve Your Seat Now FREE!


How to Increase Your Impact and professional Results 

Personally, Relationally, Spiritually, Professionally or Financially



Finally get the vision that’s INSIDE of you OUTSIDE of       you

Live the #1 best year of your life

Learn our fine-tuned system to live free, happy and     successful that has helped over 1000 of my clients!​

Acquire the #1 empowering assets everyone NEEDS to succeed​

Develop the confidence to overcome challenges​


Learn the importance of Setting Personal Goals ​

How to stay motivated to pursue and turn yours dream        into reality!​

The way to Identify beliefs that have been limiting you and How to Break-free  

​Get clarity on Who you authentically are​

Get clarity on the best way(s) to live & enjoy your authentic life

Become a Decision-making master​

Key steps to going from wanting to, to actually getting things done​​

Develop new levels of discipline...that make it more possible to pursue your purpose!

Understanding the most powerful natural tool to propel you forward…and you already have it!​

Gain fail proof Secrets Strategies to improving every area of your life… spirt, soul & body​

Learn how to free yourself from past failures & lock into the liberty to explore & expand your success​

And Much, Much More!    




Saturday March 19, 2022 

12:00-2:00 PM U.S. CST

Reserve Your Seat Now FREE**Space is Limited**







Who Is Lennell Willis?


For 20 years, Lennell Willis has successfully coached & counseled thousands of people to reach their life of Freedom in these areas: Personal, Marriage, Family, Spiritual, Professional, Health and Financial.

He operates with simplicity and wisdom for practical life application. He believes true freedom comes from utilizing proven principles to identify and remove the root cause of issues. 


He partner's with community schools, businesses & government to see true, real and relevant transformation take hold throughout the city of Chicago and surrounding areas.


Lennell Willis helps empower business owners and professionals break free from their past and step into the next level of success! By showing them how to achieve their goals & turn dreams into reality!

Allowing you to live purposely, passionately and productively!

Now it’s your moment to be empowered and breakthrough to your life of Freedom.

























"Lennell Willis’ insightful use of real life helped to change me personally and become a better business leader.”




“Lennell Willis is a genuine person to go to for sound advice and the truth. He’s full of wisdom, down to earth and funny too.”


CEO Mother & Wife

“Lennell Willis teaches and coaches through signature principles that resulted in my complete recovery relationally & financially. I’ve made unbelievable sums of money.”




You May very well find it difficult to believe what
I'm About to Tell You...




Dear Difference Maker,


This is going to sound daring… 


And one of your first thoughts are probably going to be "ahh right..." 

How do I know? 


Because I’ve before been in the same place you’re in right now. Looking for answers to my “why’s?” in life not just responses and unfulfilled promises that never seem to move the needle forward. There are so many voices with so many messages, opinions and so called this is the way promises that overcommit and underdeliver.   


So, I can relate with you personally.


What you want, actually are looking for only few can really do it. 


Therefore, it only stands to reason that you would be skeptical of me when I tell you that,

"IF you attend EMPOWER COACHING LIVE 2022... I will show you how to increase your income... get clarity to improve every area of your life…spirit, soul & body and develop new levels of discipline that make it possible to pursue your purpose with greater levels of success! " 


After all, anyone can claim that! 

Why am I different? 

You see I'm a Freedom Coach, the one and only aim in my heart and sight is to see you and any of my clients get past the limiting parts of their past and break-free into their future. 


That's my call, to help empower business owners and professionals, (and everyone's a professional in some area) that have been through painful times to find healing and wholeness, so they can break the chains that have been holding them back and begin walking in abundant life and joy like never before. Wherever those times had their beginning or what they are tied to, the end result is to be free in the liberty and freedom God has created for us and us for.  


I'm personally very familiar with the debilitating effects of inner pain and the many challenges they impose on one's life, producing a wide range of emotions like guilt, shame, worry, doubt and fear, feelings of inadequacy to overcome those secret matters that ultimately have a negative impact on our confidence. Living in this way has a high cost associated with it, emotionally, mentally, relationally, financially and professionally, eating away years of our life and its God-given purpose as well as delaying our destined good life that has been pre-arranged for us to live. I’ve been blessed to have a coaching program that's produced Life Transforming results for me and thousands of others, I believe it'll produce those same results for you too. 

Empower coaching is designed to provide the tools you need to overcome & defeat those challenges and break past limitations to the life you've always desired.


I would usually like to have this event live & in person as I love the feel of being in a room full of excited, hope-filled world changers like each of you. It does something special to the atmosphere producing one that’s charged & changes the impossible to the “I’m possible!” You would imagine that people would pay the $497 that very sought-after ticket would cost. But not so this year…


I am making two MAJOR changes to this year's live event: 


(1) It will be online, instead of in-person


(2) It will be 100% FREE to attend, instead of costing the $497+ that the in-person event costed... for reasons I will explain in a sec


But for now the important thing for you to hear is... 

You should really grab a ticket NOW 

before I change my mind 


You can grab a ticket by clicking the button below: 


Saturday, March 19, 2022

12:00 - 2:00 PM U.S. Central Time


Reserve Your Seat Now FREE


"But why FREE?" 


I have three reasons for making my event free this year: 


(1) It's going to cost a lot less to run the event this year, seeing as it is online and thus I don't have to pay for venue, catering, handouts, sound equipment, etc.


(2) I have created an optional, $97 VIP-tier to help offset the remaining cost of running the event... which you can upgrade to if you want additional access to this life changing opportunity. It's a completely optional opportunity, and it may be most will pass on this - but there are very some cool benefits included with upgrading to VIP, which I'll explain after you register for the event (upgrades, access to the replay, Q&A session & a special bonus I’ll reveal at the VIP-tier event. I’m doing something that I guarantee most people aren’t offering this bonus! But I am and I promise you don’t want to miss this you gain countless added value to you moving forward.) That info will be available on the other side of choosing the VIP-tier.


And here's the big one...  

(3) I believe that it is time for my business to enter a new phase. Up till now I have invested a lot of time and money into making make clients experience awesome... and now I am looking to get the word out about my organization as far as possible. So to that end... I want to do something SO helpful, and SO valuable... that my current clients almost can't help but tell their friends! And I figure what better way to do that, than to take a $497 live event and make it FREE... 


That's my reasoning anyway. 

I hope you’re excited.  


My team and I have been working for several months now, to make sure this online event is an experience you and your friends will never forget. 






Saturday March 19, 2022 

12:00-2:00 PM U.S. CST

Reserve Your Seat Now FREE.

“Space is  Limited"

Understanding the most powerful natural tool to
propel you forward…and you already have it!


Gain fail proof Secret Strategies to improving every
area of your life… spirit, soul, & body


Learn how to free yourself from past failures & lock
into the liberty to explore & expand your success


Acquire the #1 empowering assets everyone NEEDS
to succeed

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