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Time To Rise

3 Day Challenge


Virtual Experience

Monday October 3rd - Wednesday 5th

12 pm/C 

1 pm/E

Rediscover who you really are and be the person you were created to be! No More Holding Back. No More Holding Out. No More Waiting For. This is Your Life and Your time...time to RISE!!! There’s a greatness living on the inside of you. Such a greatness that others are crying out for it. This passion positioned in you will Transform your family, marriage, business and the world around you.


This is YOUR Time to Rise

to the Life You were created to Live 

You are Meant for More. It’s Time.
Time to Rise Virtual is for:

The decisive doers that are no longer satisfied with only having potential but for those who are dedicated to fully Living & Loving Life! Moving in power!

Those difference-makers who are Determining & Dictating the outcomes of your day!

This 3-Day totally immersive experience will empower you to:

  • Be Unlimited & Unstoppable

  • Walk completely in Abundant Increase

  • Step Into Your Powerful Purpose

  • Construct a clear, concise vision to live a life you’ll love spiritually, relationally, physically, vocationally, and financially


How Will Time to Rise

Release the best version of you?


Day 1 - Understand the Enemy of  Your Success

  • Learn the true enemy of your success that’s actively holding you back and how to shut it down

  • Be taught to overcome the 3 factors that interfere with the development of a major success component that’s necessary to rise to your best self

  • Gain the key to positively affect the external situations in your life that have worked against you and change them to work for your good, helping propel you to forward.


Day 2 - Identifying The Source of Your Success

  • Understand the real power & place of “Belief” to break-out of your present position & use it break into new levels of fulfillment

  • Identify & remove the number 1 type of “Belief” that shows up in every area of your life 

  • Know you are always telling your future by the way you talk about how you think things are going to turn out. You'll learn the way to master the direction of your future.


Day 3 - Enjoying Your Rise of Success

  • Seize the winning 3 inner life principles that unleash unlimited potential, productivity & total life prosperity

  • Access and activate the 9-step system that instantly empowers and enables you to conquer any challenge & command the outcomes in your life.

  • Construct a clear, concise vision to live a life you’ll love spiritually, relationally, physically, vocationally, and financially.


Lennell is a visionary who has helped build and been responsible for millions of dollars generated in both personal entrepreneurial ventures as well as with global corporations. He’s successfully coached thousands of people to reach their life of Freedom:
Professional, Personal, Marriage, Family, Spiritual, Health and Financial.
Lennell offers coaching in high personal performance, training in vision development and leadership consulting. He’s helped to train entrepreneurs, business professionals & leaders to break free from their past and step into the next level of success. By showing them how to achieve their goals & turn dreams into vision and vision into reality!
Allowing you to live purposely, passionately and productively!

"There's powerful purpose living inside of you."
Now is the time to design you the life you've been designed for in every area! Today your rise begins.
Are you in?
Absolutely Yes!

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